Sofia Setyorini

Founder and programmer of East Cinema


She worked at In-Docs (Indonesian Documentaries) Jakarta in 2006 where she was responsible for documentary film screenings throughout Indonesia. In 2011 she left In-Docs and went to Poland to work at an asian film festival, the Five Flavors Film Festival. At the same time she was a guest programmer at the Asian Hot Shots Film Festival, Berlin-Germany. In 2013, she became a co-author of the Indonesian Women Filmmakers book published by Regiospectra, Berlin. In 2019 she became the first female judge at a film festival in Iraq, the An-Nahj Film Festival. She also worked as coordinator for Arthouse Cinema at the Goethe-Institut Jakarta from 2012-2019. Sofia has been involved in various film festivals inside and outside Indonesia. Currently she is busy developing East Cinema, a film program that focuses on films from conflict areas and eastern Indonesia.