Salman Faridi


Salman Faridi, CEO of Bentang Pustaka, spends most of his time looking at the sky and the universe on a bicycle wheel. The farthest journey for the alumni of Islamic Studies-Social Work, Postgraduate Program at UIN Sunan Kalijaga and McGill University is to roll through French cities to the western tip for 5 days with a distance of 1,200 km. From the saddle, even though it seems absurd, there are many cycled ideas connected to literacy, including Bentang Literary Ride 2019, the first group of publishers to have thousands of cyclists on its Strava account. This program is part of a 1 km collection for 1 book with a target of 10000 books. Through the book, Salman hopes to get a little closer to meaningfulness. Headquartered in Jogja but stretches the vision to the end of the horizon. In 2019 Bentang was named the winner of the prestigious The London Book Fair International Excellence Awards.