Riyana Rizki Yuliatin


Riyana Rizki has written and published short stories since participating in the 2015 Kompas Short Story Workshop. Her short stories have been published in several media such as Joglosemar, Suara NTB, Palembang Ekspress, Bulletin Sastra Duntal, Lampung Post, Majas, and several online media. He was selected as Emerging Writer at the 2018 Makassar International Writers Festival. Serving as Production Secretary, he collaborated with Sanggar Armonika to present Tongkek at the 2018 Adelaide Fringe Festival. In the same year, he was entrusted with being the Project Manager for Collaborative Interpretation of Visual and Movement of “Not the Virgin Mary” with Lombok women art workers. Still in the same year, after the Lombok earthquake, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Culture held the Lombok Meriri Angen. In March 2019, she was one of 50 female art workers participating in the Hacker Gathering 01: PAKAROSO! in Poso. Now he is active in Sanggar EKS, Volunteers Education, and teaches at private universities in Lombok.