Gitar Tua Oma Irama

Maman Firmansyah | Drama | 1977 | 123 min | Indonesia | 13+

Oma and Ani’s marriage plans, who have been dating for a long time, have failed since Dana arrived at the plantation where Ani’s father worked. The father who is crazy in rank and position wants Dana to be Ani’s husband, who also works on the plantation as a secretary. Dana herself also happened to fall in love with Ani. But Ani doesn’t want to. This situation begins to change when Oma doesn’t come to Ani’s birthday. Then Ani went to Oma’s recording location in Jakarta. There she found Oma in the middle of persuading his singing partner, Shanty, who was cranky during the recording. Suspicious and jealous, Ani immediately went home and decided to marry Dana. Oma was shocked when he received the invitation letter. He went straight home and they fought. The root of the problem is then revealed: Ani’s letter is blocked by her father, while Oma’s letter is held back by Shanty, who secretly loves Rhoma. The marriage could not be postponed, but Ani passed out in the aisle. Only Rhoma can cure him. So Dana manly handed over Ani who was still a virgin to Oma.