Darah Muda

Maman Firmansyah | Action | 1977 | 111 min | Indonesia | 18+

Rhoma and Ricky differ not only in their musical tastes, but also in their attitudes to life. One developed dangdut music and pious attitudes, while the other rock music and promiscuity. Ricky, who is also good at boxing, joined the Apache group and immediately became the frontman. He was angry when he heard that Rhoma music group had successfully performed in Jakarta. Ani, who used to be the singer of the Apache group, began to change. She prefers Rhoma, in addition to getting bored of getting drunk. Rhoma and Ani start dating and get engaged. Then the conflict between the two groups heated up. Rhoma was persecuted. His hand was beaten and he can’t play the guitar anymore. In a state of injury, Rhoma goes to a teacher in a remote village. Here, the wound healed and taught martial arts. When he returns to town, Rhoma finds Ani raped by Ricky. Then the final fight took place. Now it’s Ricky’s turn to be crushed by Rhoma.