“How come it doesn’t match what I imagined when I read the novel?” is the essence of one of the complaints most often heard (or even say it ourselves?) when seeing a film adapted from a work of another form — usually written — that has made an impression on the heart. Subjectively, of course it’s a legitimate complaint. Because the contents of the head of the audience and the creator are not necessarily the same in digesting the existing work. The problem is there too: how is it possible to equalize the contents of the heads of thousands of readers / viewers who are also diverse.

Or, does it need to be compared? Are there any “most correct” ones? At what point does adaptation “slip up”? Whose point of view must be defended? Whether it should be?

This time, Kineforum Punya Kelas will explore the problem of switch medium. Same story, but different medium. How to make fair adaptations in the process? How to retell a story / content to another medium without “losing the signal”? Furthermore, why do people adapt works of art from one form to another? Let’s talk together about this process, with Meiske Taurisia, the film producer Aruna dan Lidahnya who are currently working on the adaptation of novels Seperti Dendam, Rindu Harus Dibayar Tuntas into the film medium, and Ifan Ismail, who has written several film scenarios based on works / corpuses that have been existed before.

Through this class, we will explore the thought process of outsourcing a work, and who knows, if we are going to do this process, hopefully there will be benefits.


Ifan Ismail

Class by kineforum: Story but Different program can be followed on:

Day / Date : Monday, 23 November 2020

Time : 16.00 – 18.00 WIB

Where : Zoom kineforum

Speakers : Ifan Ismail (kineforum Film Programmer) and Meiske Taurisia (Film Producer)

Registration :

Donation : IDR 50,000