Berkelana II

Yung Indradjaja | Drama | 1978 | 80 min | Indonesia | 13+

Budi alias Rhoma who was kicked out, in the middle of a rainy road was hit by a motorbike. When Budi’s friends were still singing, they happened to find Budi who was injured. Budi is brought back to their boarding house and treated. Meanwhile, Ani keeps trying to find Budi. It so happens that one day Ani meets Budi’s friends in the street. Then Ani finally meets Budi who is sick. They then often meet each other, until Surya becomes suspicious and catches Ani at Budi’s lodge. Ani was dragged home. Budi asked his friends to stop playing music to beg. He himself is a taxi driver, some of his friends sell newspapers, work as construction workers, and others. Suddenly Budi with a thick mustache and dark glasses appears at Ani’s house, saying that her friend said that Ani wanted to learn piano. So they can date freely at Ani’s house. Meanwhile, a taxi passenger who hears Budi chanting, like a god, comes to offer musical instruments he just bought. Budi forms a dangdut music group with his friends called Soneta, which quickly becomes a success.