Berkelana I

Yung Indradjaja | Drama | 1978 | 117 min | Indonesia | 13+

Subrata, a businessman and Rhoma’s father in Bandung, directed his son to earn a bachelor’s degree in economics. Rhoma follows while pursuing a passion for music. Subrata forbade this music, causing frequent conflicts and eventually kicked Rhoma out of the house. Rhoma then traveled to Jakarta and said his name was Budi. He lives with a group of buskers. When one of his friends is seriously ill and requires a lot of money, and requests for help from his father is refused, Budi steals Ani’s bag which her father ordered to take care of house documents. He paid for his friend’s care, and returned an important paper to Ani. Budi’s friend is helpless. Ani fell in sympathy, as did her parents. Budi becomes a driver for Ani and love grows.