Bastian Zulyeno


Bastian Zulyeno, M.A, Ph.D. born in Bagan Siapi-Api July 19, 1981. Obtained Master of Art (2009) in Persian Language and Literature at the University of Tehran. In September 2012, he successfully completed his doctorate in the same field and became the first Indonesian to receive a Doctor of Persian Literature from the University of Tehran, Iran. Since 2015 he has been appointed as a permanent lecturer at the FIB-UI Arabic Study Program.

His dissertation was entitled “The Translation from Malay Text to Persian of Tajussalatin, Book by Bukharie el Jauhari from the Seventeenth Century A.D. and its Comparison with Siyasat Name by Khauje Nizam al Mulk al Thousi (in Persian)”. From this dissertation, Bastian translated the entire book Tajussalatin, a classic Malay literary work written by Buchari al Jauhari in Aceh in 1603 into Persian. Bastian Zulyeno does a lot of research and writes scientific works, especially in literature.