In recent years, Muslim communities have received global attention for all the wrong reasons: terror attacks, atrocities in the name of Islam, and for the internal strife happening in the course of the struggle to attain theological supremacy. The fact remains, though, that Muslim communities around the world stand out due to their unique cultural practices, guided by values derived from Islam. 

A tragic state of affairs that exists is the tendency of these communities to be isolated from each other due to geographical, political or economic reasons. This ‘isolation’ exacerbates misunderstandings between these communities. However, we think that this is but a cultural gap, that can easily be bridged by — among other things – the films that show struggles, hopes, fears, and beauty of life from di different Muslim communities around the world. 


Madani in Indonesian word has three meanings: 

  1. of or relating to citizens’ civil rights; 
  2. related to urban; 
  3. upholding the norms and laws, which are supported by the mastery of faith, science, and civilized technology.

Masyarakat Madani is the Indonesian language translation of “civil society”. Except, for Indonesian Muslims, this civil society is one that is modeled on the ideal Islamic community built by Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) in the city of Madina.