Rindu Kami Padamu

Garin Nugroho

2004 | 92 min | Indonesia | General Audiences

The crowded comprises different life storiesIndonesia during the Muslim holiday of Lebaran. There is a gentle, slightly bumbling imam (Didi Petet) as the paternal face of Islam, a benevolent figure doling out love with warmth and humor to assorted working-class types around a Jakarta market; Asih (Putri Mulia), an angry young girl unwilling to accept that her mother may have abandoned the family; Bimo (Sakurtha H. Ginting), a mischievous boy selling eggs at the market; and Rindu (Raisa Pramesi), a speaking disabilities girl impatiently awaiting her brother’s return. Five different dialects and multiple ethnicities are used to turn the market into a national microcosm, united by their faith.

World Premiere, International Film Festival Rotterdam 2004

Best Film, Asian and Arab Competition Award, 2005