Relax It’s Just Religion is a movement that uses literature and art to campaign for freedom of expression and opinion within the sphere of freedom of religion and belief. Different interpretations of religion should not cause us to argue against or insult the opposing party. Being more relaxed in religion is an invitation, especially for parties who feel tense about religion, whether in practicing religion or avoiding religion.

This movement was initiated by author Feby Indirani, Creative Director of Pabrikultur, Hikmat Darmawan and Psychologist Ferlita Sari, launched in conjunction with the launch of the book collection of stories Bukan Perawan Maria (Pabrikultur, 2017) in mid-July 2017 by Feby Indirani.

Various art activities, discussions and training have taken place in Jakarta, Bandung, Lombok (Indonesia), Berlin (Germany) and so on. In 2018, this movement received a grant from the Ford Foundation and Wikimedia’s Cipta Media Expression aimed at collaborating with women artists. From this movement, various works that interpret the stories of the  Bukan Perawan Maria have been born, such as short films, dances, theater, music and audio compositions, installations, paintings, and so on.

Feby Indirani

Relax It’s Just Religion in Madani Film Festival 2020

These seven films come from a world that places religion as a part of their life and values, without dominating any identity politics. These seven films depict human figures in a world who live in a cultural center. And from these films, we can see the human face, according to one of the principles of “Relax, It’s Just Religion”: human nature is equality. Their faces are ours too.

Aku, Kau & KUA

Monty Tiwa | Drama | 2014 | – | Indonesia | 13+

The wedding of Fira, the most beautiful and popular girl among his friends, must be the wedding of the decade. Fira, whose life seems perfect, has a husband named Lando who seems perfect too. The marriage suddenly fell apart when Lando was caught having an affair. Fira, who has been so confident in herself, experiences shock and embarrassment which makes her withdraw from her social life.


Bajaj Bajuri The Movie

Fajar Nugros | Comedy | 2014 | 94 min | Indonesia | 13+

Bajuri, who just got money from the sale of his father’s inherited land, faces several problems. Bajuri’s problem became even more complicated after Emak accused Bajuri of getting married again. In addition, at the fishing location, Bajuri accidentally detonated the pond with a fish bomb that Soleh and Sahili got from an empty house. Bajuri and Ucup are accused of being terrorists after the bag containing the bomb was left in the bank, when Bajuri took the money. On the way home from the Bank, Bajuri is intercepted by a group of robbers led by Hani. The robber’s attempt failed. Finally the robbers trapped Oneng to be kidnapped and asked for ransom. On the way to redeem Oneng, Bajuri meets Emak who has escaped from the kidnapper’s nest. After Oneng has been redeemed, the problem has not ended because now Emak and Oneng are also suspects in a terrorist group. Bajuri Sahili and Soleh came to Pak RT’s son’s wedding so they could explain to the police that they were not terrorists.


Jakarta Maghrib

Salman Aristo | Drama, Comedy | 2010 | 75 min | Indonesia | 15+

Jakarta Maghrib is an attempt to capture a metropolitan atmosphere when it is heading towards contemplation. All human relationships meet their threshold at Maghrib, that is the common thread of the 6 stories: Iman Just Wants Nur, about a husband and wife who want to make love; Adhan, about a thug and a prayer room guard; Waiting for Aki, about the residents of the housing complex who are waiting for their regular fried rice artisan; Shortcuts, about lovers looking for a shortcut; Ivan’s Story, about a frightened child; and Ba’da, about the meeting of all these figures.

Winner of the Best Couple, Indonesian Movie Awards 2012
Featured in Best Screenplay Writer, Indonesian Film Festival 2011
Featured in Best Original Story Writer, Indonesian Film Festival 2011


Bintang Kejora

Chaerul Umam | Comedy | 1986 | 88 min | Indonesia | 13+

Bintang Kejora, an adventurer – a medicine seller who is good at bragging, and expelled from everywhere because it caught his spots, came to a village which was hit by drought. He had come to the village captivated by the girl he had seen poking his head from a passing bus. That girl is Dahlia, a manly old maid, of Javanese-Chinese descent, who makes her family sad, because she does not marry. In this family Bintang boasted that he could bring rain. Rusdi, the father, immediately believes, while his children, Sobrat, Polite, and Dahlia do not believe it. Bintang gave a strange condition: to make the buffalo walk backward, beat drums and plant flowers in the house. A week after the agreement took place and the rain did not come, causing Bintang planning to run away. Dahlia and her father don’t care anymore about the rain. Dahlia feels that she has a mate, while her father is happy that his daughter’s drought has ended.

Sang Guru

Edward Pesta Sirait | Drama | 1981 | 117 min | Indonesia | 13+

Topaz, poor teacher but very honest and upright. It’s set in stone, especially his students were fascinated when he taught manners. The price of honesty is the one that continues to be bid. First of all, by the principal, Mursalin, who saw education as buying and selling. The clash was finally unbearable. Topaz was fired when a parent protested against his son’s red report card, while Mursalin wanted the number corrected. Topaz then falls into the arms of another crocodile: Inge Rosa, whose child is Topaz’s private student, and he himself is the pet of Kunto, a businessman who lives by cooperating with government officials. Topaz is turned into a puppet in Kunto’s company. After a year Topaz managed to know all the ins and outs of the game, and he turned into a real businessman in a more legitimate way, but Topaz had to face Kunto’s challenges in court.

Featured in Main Male Actor, Indonesian Film Festival 1982


3 Hati, 2 Dunia, 1 Cinta

Benni Setiawan | Drama | 2010 | 100 min | Indonesia | 13+

Rosid, a Muslim youth who is idealistic and obsessed with being a great artist like WS Rendra. Rosid’s artist style with frizzy hair upset Mansur, the father, because it was impossible for Rosid to wear a cap. In fact, the cap – for Mansur – is a symbol of piety and loyalty to religious traditions. For Rosid, it was not just his kribbles that made it impossible to wear a cap, but because Rosid did not want his religiousness to be mixed up by merely sacred ancestral traditions. Delia, a Catholic girl with a sweet face, was attracted to Rosid’s figure. Rosid and Delia are two young people who are rational in dealing with differences. But which parents are willing with their love story. So they looked for a way to separate Rosid and Delia. Delia’s parents’ move was to try to send Delia to school to America. In contrast, Rosid’s parents paired Rosid with Nabila, a beautiful girl in a veil who turned out to be idolizing Rosid, the poet.

Winner of the Best Film, Indonesian Film Festival 2010
Winner of the Best Director, Indonesian Film Festival 2010
Winner of Best Adapted Story Screenwriter, 2010 Indonesian Film Festival
Winner of the Favorite Film, Indonesian Movie Awards 2010


Rumah dan Musim Hujan/Hoax

Ifa Isfansyah | Drama | 2012/2018 | 83 min | Indonesia | 18+

About the family whose members have their own secrets. The story began when Ragil, Adek and Raga finished gathering at their father’s house. After they returned home, the conflicts experienced by the three brothers were exposed. Ragil tries to cover up his big secret, Adek experiences a terrifying mythical incident, and Raga is in trouble with love.

Screened at the International Film Festival Rotterdam 2013
Screened at the BFI London Film Festival 2013
Screened in Asiatica Film Mediale 2013



Adiyan Chandra Tejo | Drama | 2020 | 10 min | Indonesia 

DEVIL wants to retire, early. He proposes his idea to the judges of hell. He argues that he is no longer needed in human’s world. The judges deliberate. They decide to put Devil in a trial program by sending him to human’s world as a mere human. Devil becomes a 34-year old imam with many followers.

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