What do we really expect from religion? If we are looking for answers that go beyond “obeying the orders of The Creator,” perhaps we will find mankind’s search for values. So that life has meaning. Religion provides a comprehensive set of values, this moment. That can be used right away. What else do you want?

Interestingly, life in this world with all its distortions (promises, desires, hopes, bodies, sins) also distorts the appearance of religion and its values, which may require several books and theses itself to discuss. But the point is, it cannot be denied that anxiety has started to emerge over how people practice religion.

Then the fire nation called pandemic strikes.

2020 is the year when a giant “Pause” button is pressed. All life is forced to remain motionless for an indefinite period. So what? Through a chronic and “silent” crisis, we are forced to rethink everything. While trying to recover, we may be lucky to find again the old forgotten values, from a set of values called religion. Looking back inside, what really matters more. What may be forgotten when we are busy racing in life.

These two compilations of short films at Viddsee are the kineforum choices for the 2020 Madani Film Festival. Forced to remember that life is short, we chose short films. Which hopefully can be a small nutrient intake for our process to recover, and find a way back that has actually been around for a long time, but returns new. Hopefully the old and the new can be both nutritious.

See you at the Madani Film Festival, with us from kineforum!


Ifan Ismail

Sanif Olek | Drama | 2011 | 15 min | Singapore | Sub: Eng | – 

Johan is just a simple man who doesn’t understand why life should be considered tiring. But he also has his own desires. And he learned from his surroundings innocently, how to achieve what he wanted. At this time, can he befriend the two girls by memorizing Al-Fatihah?

Panu Aree, Kong Rithdee | Documentary | 2014 | 23 min | Thailand | Sub: Eng | –

The identity and the fluid flow of times tug of war in Gaddafi Muhammad, a teenager in southern Thailand. His father gave this name based on the admiration and enthusiasm of the times. When times and perceptions change, how to deal with it?

Journey to Iftar
Razny Mahardhika | Drama, Comedy | 2019 | 15 min | Indonesia | Sub: Eng | –

Babe Syukri and Sobari find a way to the Istiqlal Mosque by imagining an iftar event that is both lively and serene. But Babe Syukri “knows-it-all” made the journey difficult. Maybe this isn’t a bad thing for both of them.

Fachri al Jupri | Drama | 2019 | 25 min | Indonesia | Sub: Eng | – 

Asep is worried about his father’s behavior which he and his teachers consider heretical. How can you give advice to your parents? Especially if parents have their own reasons?

Jakarta Subuh “A Piece Of Hope”
Syahreza Fahlevi | Drama | 2019 | 12 min | Indonesia | Sub: Eng | –

One lonely dawn, a new day was approaching. At the moment of transition, new reflections can be offered. Especially by those who are marginalized in forgotten corners. A mosque marbot and a transvestite continued their feelings.

Thilagan Narayanasamy | Drama | 2015 | 18 min | Singapore | Sub: Eng | –

Two sisters reunited after being apart all these years, separated by the view on life. But does one have the right to judge the other?

On the Path
Amir Sarrafha | Drama | 2014 | 15 min | Iran | Sub: Eng | –

An old husband and wife are waiting for the promise that zam zam water will bring blessings to a tiring life. But while they are waiting, all they have is each other.

Ji Dullah
Alif Septian | Drama Comedy | 2017 | 26 min | Sub: Eng | –

Haji Dullah was tempted to use his Hajj status for social climbing as well as economic climbing through political channels. But what was the cost he had to pay?

Various films in the Madani Short: Rediscovering: Old and New program can be watched free of charge at Viddsee via the following link