A film festival is generally portrayed as a classic constellation of glamorous arts, business and events. The Madani Film Festival takes a unique niche: positioning itself as an alternative, inclusive celebration by embracing current issues of the Indonesian Muslim community as part of Indonesian society and the world.

Muslims as a multi-civilization community with diasporas across the globe have grown up with various narratives created by media and cultural producers. The Madani Film Festival offers a concrete reading of Islamic culture through discussions, including discussions on reinterpreting da’waa and Islamic identity. The excitement of cinema is raised through the screening of various films that adhere to the ‘living Islam’ – Islam approach in the context of everyday life in various aspects and perspectives that live in society.

The Jakarta Arts Council Film Committee appreciates and commits the Madani Film Festival as a unique platform and is able to offer the film ecosystem, at least in Jakarta, as an inclusive forum and space for the construction of Islamic film knowledge.


Danton Sihombing 

The Chairman of The Jakarta Arts Council

2020-2023 Period