Rhoma Irama’s films were very important in animating our film industry in the 1970s and 1980s. In fact, it seems as if it has become its own subgenre. As his music shows the hybridization of Malay, Arabic, Indian and Western cultures, Rhoma’s films are also a hybridization of Hollywood-Indian musicals with cultural materials that are very close to most Indonesians at that time. The main elements of the “Film Rhoma” subgenre are guitar and da’waa, a hybridization of its own.

  1. Gitar Tua Oma Irama (1976) – Director: Maman Firmansyah. One of Rhoma’s films, which is with Oma Irama Penasaran, is the blueprint for the subsequent Rhoma Irama films.
  2. Darah Muda (1977) – Director: Maman Firmansyah. Script by Sjumandjaja, although formulaic, shows a dangdut vs. rock in several later Rhoma films.
  3. Satria Bergitar (1984) – Director: Nurhadie Irawan. A fantasy musical with a very imaginative background, as well as a strong da’waa.
  4. Perjuangan dan Do’a (1980) – Director: Rhoma Irama & Maman Firmansyah. Emphasizing Rhoma’s credo to da’waa through music, by touching an important issue for Rhoma: the accusation that he commercialized religion.
  5. Berkelana I & II (1978) – Directors: Yung Indradjaja & Sapto Boesono. Rhoma most memorable films, containing elements of the subgenre “Film Rhoma” the most complete: music (dangdut vs. rock feud), romance, (pseudo) class struggle and propaganda. His songs are iconic to this day


Hikmat Darmawan

Gitar Tua Oma Irama

Maman Firmansyah | Drama | 1977 | 123 min | Indonesia | 13+

Oma and Ani’s marriage plans, who have been dating for a long time, have failed since Dana arrived at the plantation where Ani’s father worked. The father who is crazy in rank and position wants Dana to be Ani’s husband, who also works on the plantation as a secretary. Dana herself also happened to fall in love with Ani. But Ani doesn’t want to. This situation begins to change when Oma doesn’t come to Ani’s birthday. Then Ani went to Oma’s recording location in Jakarta. There she found Oma in the middle of persuading his singing partner, Shanty, who was cranky during the recording. Suspicious and jealous, Ani immediately went home and decided to marry Dana. Oma was shocked when he received the invitation letter. He went straight home and they fought. The root of the problem is then revealed: Ani’s letter is blocked by her father, while Oma’s letter is held back by Shanty, who secretly loves Rhoma. The marriage could not be postponed, but Ani passed out in the aisle. Only Rhoma can cure him. So Dana manly handed over Ani who was still a virgin to Oma.


Darah Muda

Maman Firmansyah | Action | 1977 | 111 min | Indonesia | 18+

Rhoma and Ricky differ not only in their musical tastes, but also in their attitudes to life. One developed dangdut music and pious attitudes, while the other rock music and promiscuity. Ricky, who is also good at boxing, joined the Apache group and immediately became the frontman. He was angry when he heard that Rhoma music group had successfully performed in Jakarta. Ani, who used to be the singer of the Apache group, began to change. She prefers Rhoma, in addition to getting bored of getting drunk. Rhoma and Ani start dating and get engaged. Then the conflict between the two groups heated up. Rhoma was persecuted. His hand was beaten and he can’t play the guitar anymore. In a state of injury, Rhoma goes to a teacher in a remote village. Here, the wound healed and taught martial arts. When he returns to town, Rhoma finds Ani raped by Ricky. Then the final fight took place. Now it’s Ricky’s turn to be crushed by Rhoma.


Satria Bergitar

Nurhadie Irawan | Action | 1983 | 127 min | Indonesia | 13+

In a land nowhere, King Wasit Aron draws up a force to reclaim his throne that was taken by Abu Garin. This greedy Abu Garin is not satisfied if he has not succeeded in marrying the Wasit’s daughter named Tirza and takes the gemstone which is still in the hands of King Wasit. The battle between the two forces that were still barbaric and pagan continued. One day the King Wasit was visited by a traveler who always brought a guitar. After showing his supernatural powers to fight and treat the wounds of Princess Tirza, Raja Wasit and his followers were successfully converted to Islam by Rhoma. Rhoma also helps the Wasit King to defeat Abu Garin.

Perjuangan dan Doa

Maman Firmansyah | Drama | 1980 | 127 min | Indonesia | 13+

Rhoma Irama with his Soneta Group appeared in various regions with the intention of da’waa. He received both reception and challenge, because he was accused of commercializing religion. This challenge became Rhoma’s struggle. He convicted his fellow workers from drinking and women. He also succeeded in resuscitating his future father-in-law, who was enslaved by liquor, and nearly raped his own daughter, Laila. Even against opponents from the Al Muthainah college, Rhoma managed to convince them that music as a means of da’waa could be used. No less than 7 dangdut songs from Rhoma are sung in this film.


Berkelana I

Yung Indradjaja | Drama | 1978 | 117 min | Indonesia | 13+

Subrata, a businessman and Rhoma’s father in Bandung, directed his son to earn a bachelor’s degree in economics. Rhoma follows while pursuing a passion for music. Subrata forbade this music, causing frequent conflicts and eventually kicked Rhoma out of the house. Rhoma then traveled to Jakarta and said his name was Budi. He lives with a group of buskers. When one of his friends is seriously ill and requires a lot of money, and requests for help from his father is refused, Budi steals Ani’s bag which her father ordered to take care of house documents. He paid for his friend’s care, and returned an important paper to Ani. Budi’s friend is helpless. Ani fell in sympathy, as did her parents. Budi becomes a driver for Ani and love grows.


Berkelana II
Yung Indradjaja | Drama | 1978 | 80 min | Indonesia | 13+

Budi alias Rhoma who was kicked out, in the middle of a rainy road was hit by a motorbike. When Budi’s friends were still singing, they happened to find Budi who was injured. Budi is brought back to their boarding house and treated. Meanwhile, Ani keeps trying to find Budi. It so happens that one day Ani meets Budi’s friends in the street. Then Ani finally meets Budi who is sick. They then often meet each other, until Surya becomes suspicious and catches Ani at Budi’s lodge. Ani was dragged home. Budi asked his friends to stop playing music to beg. He himself is a taxi driver, some of his friends sell newspapers, work as construction workers, and others. Suddenly Budi with a thick mustache and dark glasses appears at Ani’s house, saying that her friend said that Ani wanted to learn piano. So they can date freely at Ani’s house. Meanwhile, a taxi passenger who hears Budi chanting, like a god, comes to offer musical instruments he just bought. Budi forms a dangdut music group with his friends called Soneta, which quickly becomes a success.

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