Book Launching


Looking for Madani Films: Cinema and the Islamic World” by Ekky Imanjaya

Published by the Jakarta Arts Council Film Committee, 2019




BINUS University Kampus JWC, Senayan

13.30-15.30 Book Launching “Mencari Film Madani: Sinema dan Dunia Islam”  

by Ekky Imanjaya. Speakers: Haidar Bagir, & Inayah Wahid | Moderator: Ifan Ismail


And what is “Madani Films”?


The discussion of the film and the Islamic world in the books is still rare. The book “Looking for Madani Film: Cinema and the Islamic World” is an attempt to fill this discourse void.


This is a collection of criticisms and essays by Dr.Ekky Imanjaya in the period 2007-2019. This book is one of the Cinema Discourse Series published by the Jakarta Arts Council Film Committee.


In this book, Ekky reviews films with the same common thread: “Madani Films”, which he defines as “films that tell the story of the Muslim Ummah and its specific problems, about Islamic living”. The theme is “Muslimness” (Muslimness) and the ins and outs of how to live your life as a Muslim. This is in line with the mission of the Madani Film Festival which celebrates the diversity of the Muslim world, and sees a representation of how Islamic culture, values and rituals are lived and lived by its adherents.


This book reviews films from both inside and outside the country, from masterpieces to popular genres, from classic works to the best known.